Why are Video Games so Addictive?

Why are Video Games so Addictive?
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Why are Video Games so Addictive?

Video games are addictive, people love to play them for hours, but do you know why are video games so addictive? One of the main reason why are video games so addictive? is they are challenging and gamers wants to see it through. They gave gamers dose of virtual reality some of which they won’t be able to real life.

Video games are more addictive. When the video games doesn’t have predefined end and video games that no ultimate goal or point at which a player can say “I’m done” this become more addictive.

There are different types of video games; Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO), Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Puzzle, Action, Combat, Stealth Shooter, Role-Playing (RPG), Sports, First Person Shooters (FPS) and Educational.

Some video games feed a need of making social connections. While other video games used to be solitary activities. Today’s games encourage gamers, in many ways like require players to interact with other players – which feeds the universal human need for interpersonal connections.

Whereas alcohol abuse and gambling addiction are dangerous, video games may seem innocuous at first. But if you look at below the surface video games they have darker sides.

Video games are addictive for example a player may be rewarded on average for every three tasks completed. The player will challenge to play more Sometimes it will take only one try while other times it may take 10, the player never really knows how long it will take. The players only know that if he plays continuously it will come eventually. A video game type of reward schedule encourages longer periods of game without rewards.

There are several reasons listed below why video games are addictive:

  • Motivation
  • Challenge
  • Learning
  • Exploration
  • Progressive objectives
  • Mastery
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