What Do You Think Do Video Games Make Children Violent?

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Do Video Games Make Children Violent?

Do Video Games Make Children Violent

From around 40 years everyone looking the answer of this question. What do you think about this question? Do video games make children violent?

Death Race 1976
Lets start from beginning. It all starts from 1976. When the driving simulation game Death Race was removed from an Illinois amusement park. According to some news story of that time. The game Death Race encourages players to run over the pedestrians to score points. Later the US National Safety Council labelled as the “Gross” and they removed from distributing the game. This is the first time moral panic happens over the video game violence.

A Group of four scholars did some analysis on playing violent video games at a younger age and aggressive behavior in later life, this January. They choose a 15 year old boy, and give him a violent video game to play. They found several troubling ambiguities in that research. The quality and quantity data they collected from that research was uncommonly valuable to study. This kind of robust study of the phenomenon is rare, but the main question to ask is why?

If we close look at the history of violence has begun with Pong in 1973 and become a commercial reality. But still this kind of violent games is coming. I mean, if you check you’ll find the violence games like – Call of Duty, Doom, and Grand Theft Auto also famous with the name of GTA and many more. This kind of games are popular among male teenagers, and the main concern of this kind of games are undeniably about killing.Study shows that over 80% of the audience, who play Call of Duty series is male. Among that 80% male, 21% is aged between 10-14.

The regulatory boards like Pegi in Europe and ESRB is the US they are doing their best to inform people around the globe about age certification. The main question still remains controversial “Do Video Games Make Children Violent?” Because the relationships between Consumers, Parents, The Game Industry and The Headline Hungry Media is very Critical. If you closely look out over the past three decades, you have been see plenty of headlines about games research.

So What Do You Think Do Video Games Make Children Violent?

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