This Study Shows Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

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This Study Shows Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

This Study shows how video games are good in life. Video games do not cause violence, But Gaming is a Positive Element in Life. This Cool Imfographic shows the proof of that. I support this sentence, and I know you also do.

Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

The Study shows that only 9% of under 18 gamers are hardcore gamers. While the rumors always say “All Kids” getting Addicted to video games. This is also the truth that 63% of parents believe gaming is a positive part of their kids lives. But the majority of Press exploiting only parents that are against the matter. This is also true 66% parents that play games, they do play with their kids purely to socialize with them.

If all the users of World of Warcraft’s game time added together, it would amount to 5.9 Million years. The Study also shows that 38% of homes in the USA have a gaming console. Although most people in the world assume that the top selling games are Violent Shooters. But the fact is, top selling games were actually action games not First Person Shooter (FPS). Then Family entertainment games come in 2nd place. After Family entertainment games, sports games come in 3rd place with 14% selling.

Around 83% of the time when kids buy games. They receive permission beforehand. Among 100% gamers there is 56%of all gamers are male and 44% if all gamers are female. Gaming receives rapid, frequent feedback than any other content in the world.

This is the most important thing, gaming is the 2nd family entertainment source. You also not deny this gaming can result in improved skills such as Collaboration and Problem solving skills. It is been said that people develop stronger relationships online than in real life.

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