How to Score Lots of Points Easily in NBA 2K18

How to Score Lots of Points Easily in NBA 2K18
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How to Score Lots of Points Easily in NBA 2K18
How to Score Lots of Points Easily in NBA 2K18
The NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K18 mobile, featuring exceptional authenticity and a lot of improvements on the court. With new features such as a deeper MyCAREER mode, “The Association” mode, and new 2K Beats Soundtrack, NBA 2K18 will be the most close to reality NBA mobile gaming experience. So let’s start how to Score Lots of Points Easily in NBA 2K18.

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How to Score Guide and Scoring Tips and Tricks (How to Score Lots of Points Easily in NBA 2K18)

Scoring is vital if you’re going to win a game of NBA 2K18 and we’ll tell you how to score lots of points easily.

  • 1. Take time to learn who are superstars for your team. Knowing each player’s real life strengths will give you advantage on how to use their digital counterparts.
  • 2. Speed kills – don’t jam on the sprint buttons but rather mix up your pace when dribbling and use your sprint in moments when your defender will least expect it.
  • 3. Don’t be a player hater -go in practice mode and run those plays with the play diagrams on. This will let you both see how it should be run and give you an idea on how each play’s spacing should work.
  • 4. “Pick” your poison – One of the most underrated plays in all of basketball is the pick and roll. The pick and roll game goes to the next level when you have players who can capitalize on it from both the shooter and cutter aspect.
  • 5. Remember that you have more passing options than you are used to. For instance, bounce passes are fantastic to post entries; Lead passes are amazing for cutting players. Always think of where you want a player to be instead of where they currently are.
  • 6. Don’t forget to substitute players – Putting in some bench players before the half will keep them ready for the second half and also lets you get familiar with the other members of your team. You can also use a timeout to slow down a hot player on the opponent’s team.

  • These are just a few of the tips of offensive strategy you’ll need to be a better NBA 2K18 player. These basics work not only across all modes but in real life basketball too!

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