How to Build a Gaming PC From Scratch

How to Build a Gaming PC
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How to Build a Gaming PC From scratch

How to Build a Gaming PC
Currently, PC is the best way to enjoy gaming. Having a good Gaming PC is a heaven to every gamers. The Gaming industry is evolving and the need of having a good Gaming PC, which can run all the latest games, is wanted by every gamer. It’s not a good idea however if you spend a good amount of money in buying new a hardware and later it will turn out to be something else. What I’m going to show you today is on how to build a gaming PC.

By the way, always give yourself enough time to think before you buy anything. If you think it’s really hard for you to decide, ask your friends, ask your questions in gaming communities, or you can post your question here and we’ll try our best to find the right devices for you according to your budget. Okay, going back to the topic at hand. Building a gaming PC is a bit complicated, so we have divided it into four parts so everyone can learn it easily.

1. Identify your components.
2. Figure out the costing for each component.
3. Make sure that your all the components are compatible to each other.
4. Bring everything together safely.

Before we start , we want to tell you that building a PC is not so easy and simple it needs patience, knowledge, and help. So please keep this in your mind every time, because your one mistake will costs you more.

1. Identify Your Components. (How to Build a Gaming PC)

First thing you need to make a list. The list which includes each and every components of your Gaming PC. If you don’t know, please check our list.
> Processor/ CPU
> Motherboard(MoBo)
> RAM (Memory)
> Graphics Card or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
> Storage (HDD or SSD)
> Power Supply Unit (PSU)
> Case/ Cabinet
> Cooling System (Fans/ Liquid)
> Gaming Peripherals (Keyboard, Mouse, and Headphone or other stuff)

2. Figure out the costing for each component. (How to Build a Gaming PC)

Everything (Power, Look and Performance) depends on your budget. That’s why you need to fix a budget first before planning anything, because budget drives all of your decision-making. You can save good amount of money by building gaming PC by your own rather than buying off the shelf PC. You can find perfect and suitable parts for you from websites, and computer shops. However, if you’re in tight budget now then you can upgrade that part or component later on.

3. Make sure that your all the components are compatible to each other. (How to Build a Gaming PC)

Each component has its own unique reason and speciality, so choose your components so wisely. In case if you don’t know the reason, we’ll tell you about each and every component. We suggest you to do some research before buying your components.


How to Build a Gaming PC
The processor is act like brain of the computer. It controls what and how fast things get done. There is wide variety of processors available in the market. There are two types of processors locked models and unlocked models. Locked models are those who are factory setting and you can’t manually over-cloak them. That means you can’t change the processing speed. The unlocked models are manually customizable; you can change the performance of the CPU according to your use.

The unlocked models are made especially for gaming enthusiast, who isn’t only demand the best, but they understand the future trends of gaming. Things like virtual gaming, augmented, and merged reality like – 4K live streaming, recording and uploading. It’ll called ‘mega-tasking’. For ‘mega-tasking’ you need power and performance and for that a good CPU comes into the picture. Now it’s simple to understand that high-end CPU’s can provide you all of these features and low-end will lack of few things or create issues like lag or hang.


How to Build a Gaming PC
If processor is the brain of the computer then motherboard is like the nervous system. The processor provides directions to the MoBo and the MoBo communicates to all other components which are necessary to complete that task and that’s how your task will be completed. MoBo will connects with each and every part like memory (RAM), storage (HDD/SSD), graphics card, optical drives, and few other parts. That’s why when selecting a good MoBo its necessity and also you need to check the compatibility.

Now, how can you do that? Check this link. Its a tool which will help you. Intel® Desktop Compatibility Tool.

Graphics Card/GPU

How to Build a Gaming PC
There are two types of graphics: integrated and dedicated. Integrated graphics means you’re using your CPU as graphics purpose. That’s why you’re not able to play major games at high-end setting or your FPS will drop, because integrated graphics use CPU memory. Since past few years integrated graphics improved very well. You can do few things without any hesitation at Full HD/4K resolution, like watching movies, editing photos/videos, enjoy high fps in few popular games (not as high or ultra setting).

If we compare the dedicated to integrated. The dedicated graphics will give you high-end performance and those are for gaming. A good dedicated GPU will give you good performance in high/ultra setting without frame drop, best virtual reality experience, and a lot more. The dedicated graphics card have in-build graphics processor unit(GPU).

Having a good measurement of its performance in FPS (Frames per second) while looking for a GPU is necessary. Having lower than 60fps will disappoint you if you’re serious gamer. So plan according to it. There are many graphics card available which will suit your budget and will give you good fps. We suggest that before buying always check the reviews and bench-marking not only one website but as much as you can. You also need to keep that in mind that your graphics card support your MoBo, power supply unit (PSU), RAM and CPU.


RAM will help you in accessing your files quickly so your game will run smoothly. The more and faster the RAM the better experience you have. The average calculation is , if installing 8GB RAM works good, but having 16GB or higher than that is always better option without lagging.


If you decided all above things then your next step is to decide about storage. Now you have two options SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Storage you can decide according to your requirement. You can buy one low storage SSD and high storage HDD if you’re able to buy them both. SSD’s are fast but they cost high, HDD’s are low cost and give you enough storage but will give you low speed.

So here is my suggestion, buy one SSD to install OS (Operating System) and HDD for storing your games and other data.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

PSU is the important part of gaming PC, don’t underestimate it. When you buy a low cost PSU, it’s not a good idea to save money. The quality of PSU always matters, because it’ll damage other component if it’s not good.

Case/ Cabinet

If you want to personalize your build, you really need to give some time in choosing the cabinet. Cabinets come in variety of styles, sizes and different configuration. Don’t only think about present, think about future too. How many fans it’ll support and how many it has, how many storage you can add, is it hold your graphics card and cooling system.


Any good gaming PC generates a lot of heat. To control the heat and cool down you will need good cooling system. Typically, processor and graphics card has their own fan, but what about the heat which generate inside your cabinet, plus if you need to over-clock the performance you need liquid cooling system. Liquid cooling system is the best and good way to control the heat plus give your rig cool look.

Gaming Peripherals

You also need good mouse and keyboard which are specially made for gaming. Gaming mouse should be comfortable and ergonomic, and can withstand hours of use. Gaming keyboards are also necessary, especially when you are playing FPS (first-person shooter), MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online games) and strategy games. You also need good gaming headset and mic if you’re planning to play online games.

4. Bring everything together safely/ Assembling – (How to Build a Gaming PC)

Once you find all the components and having in front of you now you need to assemble them and create your rig. If you don’t know how to install them, I suggest you to watch few tutorials and take a help from your friend. If you’ve spent enough time in researching about all the components then it’s not too hard for you to install your rig. Now many manufacturers provide how to install guide, we suggest you to read it before installing them.

After assembling all the things together it’s time to test it and install OS (Operating System). Check which one is suitable for you. There are many OS available but the best one we suggest is Windows 10, and also you can go for windows 7 if you want.

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