Best Budget Gaming PC 2017 Starts from 50K in India

Best Budget Gaming PC 2017 for Indians
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Best Budget Gaming PC 2017 Starts from 50K in India

Friends I know as a gamer it’s hard to survive in India. Few people get what they want. Don’t worry if you love games and you want to play them, but don’t able to do that because of money, lack of computer building experience, and which parts perfectly suitable for you. In this post, you’ll find your entire problem’s solution. Read this post Best budget gaming PC 2017 starts from 50K in India, if you have any doubts in the end please contact us so we’ll able to help you with that.

Before building Best budget gaming PC 2017 you need to keep these points in mind like:

  • Always choose processor first
  • Thereafter Motherboard
  • Then Graphics Card
  • And then Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • According to above these items choose cabinet
  • Talking about RAM and Storage (HDD) it’s always depends on your requirement.
  • So once you know all these points, let’s start building our Best budget gaming PC 2017.


    When you talk about processor, then I’ll suggest go for Intel processors because they give you more fps. So here is the best starting processor for you.
    Intel I5 6500
    Don’t go for K series in start, because K series processors are unlocked processors. K series processor costs you extra and also mobo (motherboard) are costliest too.

    Gigabyte H110/ MSI H110

    Go for Gigabyte or MSI mobo for better performance. Few Asus mobo are also works very well, but this mobo will work like charm.
    Gigabyte H110/ MSI H110

    Graphics Card GTX 1050 TI 4GB

    In above mobo you have a PCI slot for Graphics card. This graphics card perfectly fits on it. This graphics card gives you the best performance and average FPS on all latest games.
    Graphics Card GTX 1050 TI 4GB


    All above items need at least 550 watts PSU to work very well. But if you think you’ll upgrade any component in future, so you’ll go for 650 watts it’ll cost you little high but saves you from future investment.
    550 Watts PSU

    Gaming Cabinet

    Gaming Cabinet is simple to choose. Just check your mobo is ATX or Mini ATX depending on that choose your cabinet above cabinet is the best for you, but if you think, you can check out few other options too.
    Epic Cabinet

    8GB RAM

    You need at least 8GB RAM to run every game in its minimum requirement. You can buy another 8GB in Future for better performance.
    HyperX Fure

    1TB HDD

    Go for Western Digital (WD) Blue because it’s better from Seagate and gives you a higher transfer rate with 2 years warranty.
    WD 1 TB Blue

    Now few items like DVD writer and Gaming mouse and keyboard, you can choose as budget. Here we show a few options you can check out them. Also you can visit local store for more options. Our suggestion is to choose gaming mouse and keyboard as one set.

    Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

    DVD Writer

    Well, we think this post will help you on building your PC. If you don’t know how to assemble your PC then please watch let me know I’ll create video and share with you. It’s simple, but just take care of the processor.

    See how much easier to build best budget gaming PC. Now you can start building your best budget PC 2017. If you have any doubt, please ask us, we try our best to help you.
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    Here we have shared a quick look of this best budget gaming PC’s performance on the latest games.

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